I was first introduced to “yoga” at a local gym in 2007. I was an avid runner at the time and one of my friends told me to try yoga to compliment my training. I agreed and my curiosity was sparked. As the years went by, I began college and enrolled myself in Ashtanga, Hatha, and Vinyasa classes. My practice was vigorous. I loved moving through space while connecting to my breath. Much like with running, I was able to find a sort of moving meditation.

I lived in France for 2 years and that is when my individual practice began to develop. With no access to a studio or online yoga, I was able to learn to listen and move with intuition drawing from my previous more traditional experiences. I began to move more slowly, spending more time in quiet meditation than in fast-paced vinyasa flow. 

When I returned home in 2013 I enrolled in The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center's 300 hour Teacher Training program. With the gentle guidance of my incredible teachers Lisa Mae Osborn, Monicka Koneski, Kate Busby, and Danielle Hanna I was able to soften into the deeper parts of my practice and fine-tune my alignment skills. I completed my Prenatal Teaching certification at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (formerly The Bhaktishop) under the teaching of Shana Celnicker-Chong in 2017. I completed the 500 hour Advanced Studies training program here in 2019. I am honored now to be part of the Yoga Teacher Training Program.

The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center is a very special space. My like my practice, it continues to change and grow, sometimes painfully, but always in love. I have learned so much through teaching Yoga. I see myself less as a "teacher" and more as a collaborator. The depths of the practices of Yoga will continue to shape me, both physically and spiritually. I will continue to show up with as much honesty, integrity, and playfulness as I can muster.

Students are saying...

Always a fun and challenging class with Britt!”

”This teacher is awesome. This class is awesome. Come with a spirit of play and you will love it.”

”The 6:30am class is exactly what I need to start the week. Highly recommend!”

Britt gives great cues and modifications, teaches at a beautiful slower pace, and today in particular and was so deeply grounding and rejuvenating.