My love of movement has been evident since being a toddler disappearing from the crowd at the Jazz Festival in Little Rock, Arkansas (my hometown) to wiggle at the edge of the stage closer to the music. I am fascinated by the ways that movement and breath in yoga has healed injuries and mental blocks in my own body. I wanted to become a yoga teacher so I could help bring yoga to POC and low-income communities where preventative health is not structurally supported, and where spaces for community healing are few.

After taking this teacher training here at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (formerly The Bhaktishop), I know yoga is so much more than asana and I hope to continue to explore yogic ethics in my own practice. I currently work as the Outdoor Education coordinator at KairosPDX, an elementary school in North Portland that aims to close the achievement and opportunity gaps for Black students. I am passionate about exploring how Earth-connection and yoga practice, in community, are natural partners towards liberation. I believe this is my lifelong work, my sacred intention.