Life moves fast. Yoga doesn't have to.

We are excited about your interest in yoga; whether you're starting up a new yoga asana practice or expanding your seasoned, deepening commitment as a yoga student, this is the place for you. Yoga is for everyone, and we are actively committed to education, action and compassion as both a community and an organization, so that we might honestly become a sanctuary where all are safe and welcome.


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Welcome to our intimate community center where we offer approachable, intelligent instruction and warmth that reaches well beyond the physical practices. Since 2007, we have built a community of highly skilled, experienced teachers committed to deep, honest self-inquiry. We embrace small-class culture, treat you with respect and dignity, and are deeply invested in shaping the conversation of yoga both inside the studio and in the wider community by educating students and teachers with depth and integrity in the roots of yoga. As a community we are actively working toward being more accessible.

We are committed to no specific method, and at this point we value the tradition itself, as well as equity, safety, transparency, sustainability, inclusion and empathy in instruction. True beginners, students seeking relief from stress or injury,  seasoned teachers wishing to hone your voice or practice in community, seniors wanting to maintain mobility, folks delving deeper into meditation or devotional practices, welcome home. Here, we put people before profit, which turns out to be kind of a lousy business model but we are sticking to it. Maintaining an inner life is complex. Yoga helps.

Equity and Inclusion Statement:

The community, business and teachers of The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center are deeply invested in staff training, meaningful self-education, and building the knowledge, skill and human resource necessary to invest in a more equitable business model. We're creating conversations internally and as a community about race, inclusion, fat-phobia, ableism, trauma-informed practices, and equity on a daily basis here, and aim to make use of these skills in a broader capacity in the yoga community. Our center is intentionally fragrance-free and our classes/events are mobility-device accessible, and while not all of our teachers are trained yet in deep accessibility for folks with disabilities, we are working toward this potential.

We have not always worked in these arenas, and even still, are making mistakes as we learn and try, watching our increased understanding inform more appropriate action. We welcome your comments and suggestions by emailing, and are also willing to be held accountable in public for the ways that we have failed or caused harm. We are actively devoting our staff and meeting time and training budget to internal education, mentoring and training new teachers, and working to connect with and hire teachers of color and from groups on the margins that have typically had less representation in the yoga space. Relationships matter deeply to us here, and thus we are building those relationships first, which often takes time. Trust is important to earn, and to make changes in this realm takes time. We also acknowledge that all of the work that we do and have been doing on this may not be visible yet in public, and we take responsibility for that disparity. We welcome your comments and feedback.

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