I originally started yoga asana practice back in 2006 when I lived in Japan. My relationship with yoga began as a physical practice--it was my refreshment after work. Most of my weekdays were occupied by sitting in front of a computer, which brought me a lot of fatigue from thinking, sitting, and staring at a monitor. Asana practice also made me tired but made me feel rejuvenated as well, so I went to the yoga studio even when I was very tired from work.

As soon as I moved to Portland in the summer of 2016, I began practicing yoga. One of the reasons I did so was to get ready for Portland’s rainy season. I needed a reason to go outside when it rained, otherwise I would stay home for many days! It worked out well; not only did I get used to going out on rainy days, but also I have been able to meet people. Now you will find me biking in just about any weather! This ongoing yoga journey including asana, breathing, meditation, and philosophy have brought more awareness to my blind spots. I keep finding so many blind spots in my 5-foot body after decades of life, through asana practice. The same goes for other kinds of learning as well.  I think yoga philosophy, one of the biggest parts of yoga school, gave me particularly a different perspective on this world. There is so much ignorance in me, in all of us, and although it is not the happiest experience, I am ready to find it, face it and work with it.

Learning at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center’s Yoga School has been a good reminder for me to be a life long learner. Growing up in a family blessed with great longevity, having a yoga practice as my life long friend will be very supportive. I appreciate the vast generational teachings of yoga, the great teachers at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center, and my lovely cohort for this learning opportunity. Also, a big thank you to my teachers who recommended this studio, and my significant other! Looking forward to sharing yoga with you.