My approach to teaching yoga integrates the wisdom and subtlety of yoga practices with my training in acupuncture, trauma healing and functional movement to support a healthy, and well resourced body-mind.

The invitation in my classes is to explore embodiment in a space that is welcoming and oriented towards honoring your own needs and discoveries on the mat. While modern applications of postural yoga can be very goal-centered, our time together in class is a fusion of outer-body alignment and inner-body focus, concentrating our curiosity on what is possible when we cultivate presence through movement and breath. My classes are trauma-informed and inclusive.

I have been practicing yoga since 1998, teaching since 2007, and holding space for healing since 2008. In addition to teaching yoga, I work with people individually in my healing practice, weaving together acupuncture, sound healing and Somatic Experiencing. For more information please visit