A curiosity of exploring inner and outer landscapes gently pulled me into practicing yoga 10 years ago. The practice offered a small space in the day to slow down, be more deliberate about where I focused my attention, and heal. I have been searching for words to describe this journey but none seem adequate, and that has been the point of finding this Yoga School here at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (formerly The Bhaktishop.) Listening to and learning from my dear classmates and teachers was such a special experience that I’m eternally grateful for. With them, I learned more of the language that we’re intentionally not taught, revealing a way to explore un-examined inner landscapes and how that exploration can help uproot a bit of suffering in the world at the collective level, starting close-in.
I am actively, humbly, working to dismantle my internalized implicit biases but know that I will make mistakes; accountability and integrity matter to me and I am working to grow those skills when the impact of my words or actions cause harm. The linkage of yoga philosophy to the rest of life is what I hope to hold space for others to explore through asana (postures) in a similar way; taking experiences from one’s own mat back out into daily life.