My dive into yoga began in 2009. I was at a point where I was questioning life experiences wondering, “What is all this for? And go slow, I need the long version!”  And also, at a fork in the road, waiting for opportunity and circumstance to be the deal breaker. I had no idea how much this step forward would turn my world upside down. Yoga has gifted the permission for me to be just ME at all cost, with the ability to differentiate between all the senses that show up in between. My thirst for this profound knowledge continuously brings me to the feet of these teachings. It has been an honor to learn from such deeply rooted instructors that live by such teachings. Understanding that I can have, or not have any external factors of this world, and still remain complete, authentic, and connected to the Source is a lesson that can applied to any phase in life. This is the theme I bring to any of my classes and I hope to share this same sentiment of comfort in my offerings. The Bhaktishop is home to my soul.



I have been in the medical field for almost 20 years in many different capacities with special emphasis in women’s healthcare. I have carried the role as a medical assistant to a peri-operative tech in the operating room, and I am an advocate for justice and compassion for all beings. My personal philosophy on human interaction is to always meet the person wherever they are in life, and connect the pieces as you go. I am currently a DONA certified birth doula, certified Traditional Healthcare Worker through Oregon Health Authority, and actively pursuing my ICEA childbirth educator certification. By trusting the process, I completed my 200 hour training at The Bhaktishop in 2014, moved on to earn my prenatal certification in 2015 also from Shana Celnicker-Chong and The Bhaktishop, and completed requirements for becoming a birth doula. Bringing organic movement into the birth space is so necessary! I’ve done countless hours of volunteer work across the spectrum of both birthing work and teaching. I love to share this tool that connects breath and body to create expansion. I believe this facilitates abundant flexibility and strength, especially to the pregnant body and beyond. I believe in holistic healthcare and listening to ones’ intuition; such a great fullness takes place within the feminine temple. To know the human body can bloom into such fullness and then release such a complete masterpiece without the original reservoir becoming any less is astonishing. Both parts, mama and baby, equally important. Equally nourished. Catering to this dynamic is such a blessing.

My tribe consists of my amazingly loving partner and three beautiful blooming daughters. I value my role as a mother. My children have molded me into the woman I am today. I am a born and raised Oregonian, and when I’m not diving into birth work or yoga, my hobbies consist of reading, nature walks, poetry, and anything that brings me closer to the earth.