I found my way to yoga after surviving a traumatic event in 2003 and sensing that my repair would require working at the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Working one-on-one with the compassionate, skillful support of my first teacher, Rebecca Bell, I was able to develop an internal sense of integration and recognize my body as a resource for resilience. I was inspired to share this revolutionary and deeply personal practice with others. In 2008, I pursued a formal 200-hour certification at YogaWorks. My main influences include the teacher training faculty at Yogaview in Chicago, as well as all that I continue to learn from my students and discover within my own practice. Since relocating to Oregon in 2012, I have been privileged to study asana, pranayama, meditation and theory under the guidance of Kristin Laak who has assisted me in turning my focus in my practice even further within. 

In addition to teaching public and private alignment-based vinyasa yoga classes, I offer trauma-informed yoga instruction. As someone who found yoga to be one of the essential healing practices in my recovery, I am passionate about opening up this possibility for others. I strive to bring a trauma-informed lens into any class I teach, giving students a clear sense of choice, options and permission to listen and trust the language of their body, even if that includes a departure from my instruction. Related to making yoga increasingly accessible as a trauma healing resource, I love to explore the nuances of creating a trauma-informed environment with other teachers seeking to have more tools for working with students who have survived trauma. You can learn more by visiting my website at: www.mollyboederharris.com.