My first yoga class was at The Bhaktishop in 2010, and I have been a student here for over eight years now. I’m honored to be able to share everything I’ve learned from these amazing teachers with The Bhaktishop community. My understanding of the body, how it moves, and how it’s connected to the mind has come from my practice of yoga. It has taught me how to find strength, balance, and integrity through all aspects of my life.

In 2016, after I finished my undergraduate degree in Nutrition at OSU, I joined the 200-hour Teacher Training program at The Bhaktishop, where I had the opportunity to deepen my practice of yoga and develop my voice as a yoga teacher. In studying yoga so intently, I realized that I find everything about the body completely fascinating. After yoga school, I decided that my next steps were leading me to study massage therapy, to allow me to understand how the body works at a deeper level. Through yoga and massage I get to teach people about anatomy and physiology, alignment, and structure. These are the things that excite me.

I will always be a student of yoga. I’m learning new things in every yoga class I take, whether it’s a specific alignment adjustment or an insight about the way my own mind works. My yoga practice is continual and it’s constantly changing. It’s a path with no end, but I choose to be of service on this path because it has given me so much in return.