We are so glad that you're thinking about trying yoga. Have you tried a class before but found it inaccessible, unsatisfying, or somehow just not quite right? Have you thought about yoga but it seemed somewhat intimidating or unwelcoming to your cultural, gender or ethnic identity? Are you afraid that you don't have the right pants? We totally understand, and are here to help. We offer you Yoga Foundations 1, a place where practically everyone can start. And you definitely aren't too tall, too stiff, too fat, too old, or too __________ to start yoga.

Our Foundations Level 1 teachers LOVE teaching beginners, and are skilled in safety and alignment as well as compassionate empowerment in the classroom. Our classes are intentionally small, allowing for personalized instruction to truly help you grow, understand, and make progress. Learn about meditation, your breath, your body, and yourself. You want to value feeling good and have access to doing so, and you know you need strength, flexibility and balance to maintain it. We've got you covered.

Click here to try our new student special, 30 days for just $30, and learn how yoga can help you.

A few helpful hints for new students:

  • Yes, we have yoga mats that you can rent for $1. They are free during your 30 days for $30 intro, if you ride your bike, or if you sign up for our Tiered Passport System. Click here for details!

  • Come to class early enough to be relaxed at the start of class.

  • Absolutely ask questions, and ask for help if you need it. Our teachers are here to help you learn and grow, so please don't be shy about asking for help both during and after class.

  • We practice yoga here in bare feet, so you can utilize all the tiny receptors in your feet, teach them to wake up and support you fully. If you are uncomfortable with this, please discuss it with the teacher.

  • Please, wear anything you like that is comfortable and fits you the way you like it to. Nothing special is necessary in this department; some folks wear shorts and a tee shirt, some wear sweatpants, some wear pajama bottoms. Just let the fabric be breathable and comfy, and you're good.

  • Sensation is the language of the body, so listen. But if it's painful, don't do it, and ask for an alternative. In every class, there will be a posture, maybe several, that you can’t do. There may be times you need to rest when other people aren't. Please rest when you need it, and do what you can. With an ongoing practice, you will see change happen quickly and profoundly.

  • Remember, no experience with yoga is required. All body-forms and sizes are welcome, and nearly all mobility levels can find a yoga practice here that is health-affirming, healing, and transformative. If you aren't sure where to start, just ask us.