We are so excited to try something new with you, offering you perfectly imperfect yoga, right where you are...

You asked, and we listened! For all of you that can't make it here as often as you want to, for you that have moved away and have said there's nothing like The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center (formerly The Bhaktishop) where you are, for you that missed class because you got stuck behind the bridge or the door was locked or you couldn't find childcare, for you that find studio yoga off-putting or out of reach financially, for you that travel and miss your favorite classes while you are away; this is our love letter to you.


We wondered: is it possible to bring integrity with the highest intent to serve and help to the process of online yoga classes? Can our teachers, who thrive in the classroom setting teaching and connecting with actual live human students (not models or paid students, and not just alone with a mic doing yoga and you following along) really bring you into the room, as though you were at a real, live class and not on a sound stage somewhere under melting lights?

We think the answer is yes. If it is possible to keep the connection and relationship held in the highest integrity, we intend to try. And while perfection is not what we are striving for here-- (please note: no hair/makeup, no staged lighting or prearranged/paid students in the room, no fancy editing, no crazy yoga pants, oftentimes no music so you can use your own, no fixing our teaching gaffes or mistakes or oops! occasional profanity, no moving the camera when someone gets in the way of the demo, in other words NO PERFECTION!) --what we are striving for is an authentic experience of being in the classroom as though you are a student right here, with all the incredible messy humanity that accompanies that experience.

Preview Videos

Here are a couple of previews of some of the classes we have taped (look closely, you may see yourself!) and are offering to you via our virtual studio, for just $15/month unlimited access or $3 per single class, or a whole year for the discounted rate of $150. We aim to be a resource for you on all levels with our growing library of fly-on-the-wall live classes, personalized tutorials and how-to clips, lots of freebies, strength training for yoga, mini on-the-go sequences, workshops and training for teachers and more. Check it out, and please let us know what you think. Your feedback is most welcome!

Vinyasa 2 Preview

Here's a preview of a couple of your favorite Vinyasa 2 teachers sharing what they love in the form of accessible, alignment-focused practices that include many of the elements that you have come to expect from us-- bringing the 8 limbs of yoga to life in a practical way, a warm and welcoming setting for all levels, bodies, and humans, and skillfully taught practices.

Gluteal and Hip/Pelvis Strength and Stability Short!

In this low-to-the-ground short series, we explore some fun and creative (and challenging!) ways that we can strengthen and stabilize the hips and pelvis from a variety of positions. In yoga practice we spend an awful lot of time stretching and gaining flexibility, and not as much time stabilizing and strengthening in those ranges of motion. Discover a bigger movement vocabulary with some of these fancy motions! All levels.

We hope that you will feel included, like you are there in the classroom, maybe with a teacher that still has bed-head, maybe in a class with few (or no) students in the front row to watch, or with someone standing squarely in the camera frame for a moment, or a visible student that isn't perfect or even practicing at the same level as what is being taught, or occasional sound difficulties like sirens and idling engines outside (just like at your house!) or lighting changes with the seasons/when we dim the lights at the end of class/tape classes in the early mornings, or teachers teaching from out of frame so you just hear their voice and don't always see the lesson or hear the question, or people accidentally wearing their pants inside-out, or all the ways in which real, authentic, unscripted, messy yoga practice is just perfectly, humanly, imperfect. We hope that you will forgive us for not spending tons of money on making it perfect, but rather appreciate us as we are and extend to us your good faith for striving to make it REAL.

We are working on improvements every day, but the raw, real, sometimes unpredictable life of small studio yoga comes alive in these classes, just like at your house. Only without the cat. Or the phone. Or dinner to make. Or maybe with all of that stuff. Because yoga is everywhere. And because practice is good.