Prenatal Yoga Classes: Tuesdays at 7pm, Thursdays at 10am and Saturdays at 11am

We are pleased to offer comprehensive self-care for people that are experiencing pregnancy and new parents in the form of our celebrated Prenatal and Postpartum programs here at The Bhakti Yoga Movement Center with Shana Celnicker-Chong.  Shana has decades of experience in the birthing community in Portland and beyond, and her skills and tenderness in supporting pregnant students at this transformational time of life are unparalleled. If you are looking for strength, community and self-care, we are here for you. Our prenatal classes are solely for students that are experiencing pregnancy, as a means of deep support, community, and skilled guidance. Pregnant transgender and non-binary students are welcome and encouraged to come and explore this class.


*Mama & Baby Yoga Tuesdays at 10am

Come explore some sweet time on your mat in the company of other mamas and infants! This class is a reclamation of time and self for all bodies that have birthed or adopted babies, and we explore some simple yoga together as well as some time to share in the support of other parents. Although we use the term *mamas* as shorthand for those with uteruses who have birthed or adopted babies, please know that we support all our transgender and non-binary mamas/baby-birthing folks and that you are most fully welcomed and encouraged to attend. Babies, bouncy seats, toys. rattles, nursing and pretty much anything else is also welcome in here, until your baby is crawling circles around you.


Yoga and Core Stability with Shana, Tuesdays at Noon

This specialized class will focus on bringing awareness and strength during movement; you'll teach your body (and specifically your core) to be reflexive, responsive, supportive, functional and strong so that you will have increased capacity, decreased pain, and more stability in your everyday life.  This class is ideal for those that need support in their lower back, pelvis and sacrum due to pain and instability. It is also ideal for those that need help rebuilding strength in their core and pelvic floor, such as after the birth of a child, in cases of prolapse syndromes, and in diastasis recti. We will play with how the core is the center of your whole body, and how it is all connected. All levels and gender identities welcome.

Upcoming Workshops and Classes with Shana

Childbirth Preparation Classes for Couples

Dates: Sept. 14, Oct. 19 and Dec. 7, 2019 and Jan. 4, Feb 29, 2020
3-7 pm $100 per couple, please pre-register soon as these always sell out

This class is designed to give folks giving birth an opportunity to learn about and practice using techniques to help embrace the intensity of childbirth. We will journey through Labor, learning about what is happening and gathering tools for you and your birth support partners to help you navigate the process. We will use movement, breath, meditation and connection to help you and your partners feel more prepared for the big event of birth and meeting your new baby. 

This class will help you feel more prepared for what the birth of this baby will bring you. There is a lot of information and practice packed in, and it is perfect for many couples and support partners. Even if you have already had a baby, many parents have found this class to be an excellent review, and a time to connect about bringing this new little one into your lives.  Please email Shana at with any questions or inquiries about scholarship

Return To Center: A Post-partum Workshop for *Mamas

Upcoming Classes TBA

Are you ready for some you time? Please join us for a Sunday afternoon of precious self care. We will spend our time in the company of other mothers to reconnect with ourselves and our bodies, moving and breathing with an emphasis on moving from your center. This class will focus largely on strengthening your core and your pelvic floor, and there will be a lovely restorative ending to relax and renew you back into your very busy lives. Although we use the term *mamas* as shorthand for those with uteruses who have birthed or adopted babies, please know that we support all our transgender and non-binary mamas/parents/baby-birthing folks and that you are most fully welcomed and encouraged to attend.


About Shana Celnicker-Chong:

Shana trained at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, studying an emphasis in Midwifery and Women's health, and graduated in 2003. As she began to apprentice as a midwife, she decided to get training in Prenatal and Postpartum yoga.  Fortunate to have found Collette Crawford at her Holistic Prenatal program in Seattle, WA., she taught Shana the nuts and bolt of these special gifts of yoga to birthing students, but also about the importance of empowering them emotionally as well. Anyone can teach poses, but as it is with any yoga class, it is what happens inside that matters most. She has been serving the Prenatal and Postpartum community and beyond since 2001, building an amazing community, and has steadily remained involved in the Portland birth community.