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Somatic Movement and Meditation

Thursdays, 7:15-8:30pm with Suniti Dernovsek

This class is fluid, exploratory movement and meditation class. Expect fluid rolling, pouring, sliding, and gliding movements based in a developmental somatic approach to healthy movement. The breath is always a focus of this class as the underlying impetus to movement and stillness, as well as interoceptive meditations on the physical and energetic bodily structures and systems.  We will move both off and on the yoga mat in a way that supports and enhances your yoga asana practice, nervous system and daily life functions. We will also explore extended opportunities for meditation, guided by Suniti Dernovsek and her decades-long Buddhist meditation practice and training. Open to everyone at any level of practice or interest.


Functional Strength

Mondays 10-11am with Britt, Wednesdays 10-11:15am with Monicka and Fridays Noon-1pm with Monica F.

This specialized class is an excellent companion to your yoga practice, focusing on cultivating strength, balance, and coordination while increasing movement awareness and efficiency. Through the use of body weight resistance, stretchy bands, sandbags, blocks/chairs and creative isolated actions, we will work smarter to ensure that everyone can benefit. Often includes some time on the therapy balls and some myofascial self-massage. A pleasantly challenging yet grounding class, it supports your yoga practice, daily life functionality and general mobility and health. All are welcome, no experience necessary. Get stronger, learn to move smarter!



Yoga and Core Stability

Tuesdays 12-1:15pm with Shana

This specialized class will focus on bringing awareness and strength during movement; you'll teach your body (and specifically your core) to be reflexive, responsive, supportive, functional and strong so that you will have increased capacity, decreased pain, and more stability in your everyday life.  This class is ideal for those that need support in their lower back, pelvis and sacrum due to pain and instability. It is also ideal for those that need help rebuilding strength in their core and pelvic floor, such as after the birth of a child, in cases of prolapse syndromes, and in diastasis recti. We will play with how the core is the center of your whole body, and how it is all connected. All levels and gender identities welcomed.



Movement Exploratorium

Mondays 11:15-12:15 with Ali Wesley

This fun, musical, many-styles movement class is a blend of Franklin Method, yoga asana and functional movement. We use creative sequences of movement, dynamic and well-instructed sets of movements with large, stretchy thera-bands, lots of anatomical awareness and deep fascial release using massage balls. This class is for anyone that loves movement of all kinds and want to add variety, dynamic movement and flow to their practices. You will leave feeling changed, but most importantly, IMPROVED!

Aging/Accessible Yoga

Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2-3:15pm with Ruth and Michael

Is your natural aging process a little less graceful than you might like? Are you concerned about bone density, aches and pains, losing your balance and flexibility, or coping with the changes that come with gaining wisdom and age? Are you newer to physical movement, worn out, stressed out, afraid of not aging well, or unsure how to proceed in the body you currently inhabit? Are you feeling ready to integrate your amazing life experiences with mindfulness and acuity in good company? Are you recovering from an illness or injury, or are you someone that uses a mobility device?

Here is a yoga class designed for people that think perhaps a yoga class is not for them. Taught by mature teachers and surrounded by people your own age and also with similar concerns and issues, you will be gently guided toward greater mobility, self-care, independence, and wisdom in the safest of environments. Using a variety of tools and props to support movement, you will move with care and recognition of the body you have, enabling your own growth consciously in the midst of the aging and/or recovery process. Denying aging isn't good for anyone; embracing these changes together and learning how to confidently live and move with grace, awareness and ease will help you. This class, the teachers and this space are equipped to assist folks that utilize mobility devices.


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Yoga en Español

El primer y Tercer Miércoles, de 7-8 pm $8 Pase con Ceci Orozco (nadie será rechazado por falta de fondos)

Estoy super contenta de poder compartir la práctica del yoga en mi idioma natal. Esta clase estará abierta para todos los niveles. Te invito a que corras la voz e invites a tus familiares y amigos a que vengan a yoga. La clase será impartida en español y tiene como objetivo el fomentar salud y bienstar de la comunidad Latinx en Portland y sus alrededores utilizando como medio de conexión al yoga y al español. Esta clase ofrecerá el espacio ideal para mover “intencionalmente” al cuerpo y anclar nuestra mente y energía al momento presente. Para mi, es super importante que reconozcamos la importancia de crecer en la compañía de otros y de apoyarnos como comunidad. Si tienes alguna pregunta, puedes escribirme a mi correo y gracias!

Restorative Yoga

Mondays at 7pm with Danielle

These candlelit evening classes are wise medicine for the soul--a slow and mindful remembering of the body and its connection to the mind and heart. We explore the quieter, more restful aspects of yoga by integrating supported and reclining poses and a lot of attention to moving slowly, gently, and letting the body and the spirit fully and deeply rest. Throughout the practice, you are skillfully and compassionately guided toward greater self-acceptance and awareness as you enter a meditative state. You may also explore meditation, pranayama, singing bowl accompaniment, and other forms of dynamic stillness and somatic therapy in these vital, medicinal classes designed to reset the over-stressed nervous system.