My interest as a movement guide is to offer an embodied experience that respects each individual’s process. Through years of practice I am skilled at seeing bodies and directing attention to what is quiet or unanimated. When we strengthen our ability to pay attention we open up to more possibilities and we bring an experience into existence that did not previously exist. I view asana and all movement practice as creative research involving an open flow of information. We learn more about what we think we know and are in a constant state of surprise from all that we do not know.

I have been a student of dance, yoga and Buddhism for 20 years and I’ve been teaching since 2004. I teach a warm and generous style of movement that is influenced by my interest in contemporary and classical dance forms, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga and mindfulness. I currently study with Michael Stone, Lama Padma Drimed Norbu, Wendy Hambidge and Todd Jackson. I bring my love of movement, fondness of detail and my own understanding of practice into my teaching. Find out more about me here!