For a long time, yoga was something that I would "get around to doing" or that I "wanted to learn more about".  It seemed to show up randomly- in dance classes I was taking or some of my friends would get training and then invite me to attend their classes- and I began to realize it was something I truly appreciated doing.  I got serious about consistently practicing yoga around 4 years ago and it helped me process several difficult and painful things that I was going through.  I found myself moving through that pain in a way that was profoundly connected to my soul.  It felt like I was dealing with my trauma, while also being inspired by what I was learning, and knowing that I wanted yoga to always be a part of my life.  I'm so grateful for the internal healing I've received from my yoga practice.  I've found new ways to love myself and new ways to be in my body and to move in the world thanks to what I've learned as I've been a student here at The Bhaktishop and other places of learning previously.

I moved here from Texas in 2015 and made a plan to go back to school for holistic medicine, intending to integrate yoga therapy and dance therapy.  Since I realized that student loans are terrible, I told myself to stay open to my course of action maybe looking different than I had planned. That is what brought me here,  and having just received my teaching certification from The Bhaktishop and working on a project to develop an inclusive, multi-use movement studio in NE Portland,  I look forward to the (uncomfortable) challenge of starting a brand new space and the amazing support of our community here at The Shop, while developing my teaching practice and learning and growing with you!