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Christina Sell Weekend Workshop: Precision and Play

Sunday, October 9th 3-6pm $50

Some think a playful attitude is at odds with the disciplined path of yoga, while others believe that the rigor of practice precludes delight and enjoyment. However, at the heart of the yoga practice is the invitation to bring apparent opposites together without tension, in order to experience a dynamic  balance in the Heart. Asana practice with its many challenges and opportunities to expand is a perfect place to explore the balance of opposing forces and to tap into the harmony of the Heart directly. 

Join Christina Sell for a Full-Spectrum, All Levels Practice that will include standing poses, hip opening, arm balancing, basic back bends, forward bends and twists with an intention to bring play and precision into harmony. Perfect for teachers and students, this class will help you find depth in familiar postures through repetition, fundamental alignment principles and intelligent self-inquiry. 

Known for her dedication to practice and to authenticity on and off the mat, Christina Sell's classes are a balance of challenging and fun, down-to-earth and inspiring, precision and play. 

300 Hour students: 3 Asana hours