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Dharma & Artha: Finding Prosperity in your Vedic Astrological Chart with Dennis Flaherty

Saturday, September 28th, 1-5:30pm

$65 (includes a copy of your Vedic Natal chart)

Foundational to Vedic astrology are the purusharthas; the four aims of life.  These aims are: purpose (dharma), acquisition (artha), relationship (kama) and liberation (moksha).  The aim of artha represents our material prosperity in this world, not as end in itself, but rather the means to which will fulfilling our dharma.  Sadly, in these times material prosperity is all too often understood as an end in itself-  often devoid of path and purpose.   The continuing corporate mega mergers of our times are indicative of this trend in the business sector to leverage capital for the sake of capital in search of grandiose wealth, which is nothing more than greed- a corruption of artha.

Each Vedic astrological chart has planets to a greater, or lesser extent,  that are associated with rightful acquisition, or prosperity based on dharma.  In this class, Dennis will explain the foundational principles to finding prosperity in the Vedic astrological chart to foster understanding that rightful worldly acquisition comes before, not after, dharma.  Combinations for prosperity exist in all Vedic astrological charts in varying degrees of strength, but not as an end of themselves, but rather as extension of your path and purpose.  Each participant will receive a mini-reading in this workshop based on their Vedic chart.

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Dennis will be available for a limited number of consultations on Sunday, September 29th in SE Portland. Please call 425) 778-6487 to inquire.