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Chanting and Kirtan Benefit for Center For Intercultural Organizing with Monicka and Lisa Mae

Sunday March 12, 6-7pm by donation

Come together in joyful song and intentional company for another evening of chanting and kirtan with Lisa Mae and Monicka, honoring the peace and justice work that so many are engaged in in these complicated times. Singing together brings us together so that we can praise and offer love to what is truly divine in this life, and that is the power of love and sangha.

Join us as we offer our efforts and donations, making change where we can and surrendering our hearts in the process. Stand up, rise up and let your voices be heard!

We offer our efforts and donations to the Center for Intercultural Organizing, a membership organization that leads grassroots efforts to protect and expand immigrant and refugee rights through community education, civic engagement, and policy advocacy, organizing, and mobilization, and intergenerational leadership development.

Grounded in the belief that organizing people who are suffering oppression has the greatest potential to affect the root causes of economic, political and social injustice, they involve our immigrant and refugee members in all aspects of program development and implementation. In addition, CIO provides the non-immigrant community explicit strategies for being good allies.