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Free Ayurveda Talk and Discusson with Danielle Hanna, M.A., C.A.P.

Friday, June 1st, 5:30-7pm FREE

Are you struggling with balancing the demands of your work, family and self-care? Are you feeling tired, stressed or overwhelmed, and unsure of what might help you feel more like yourself, more in balance, more able to show up to your life with your whole heart? Are you curious about Ayurveda and want to know if it might be able to help you?

Ayurveda mudra.jpg

Join Danielle Hanna for a Free Evening discussion and introduction to this brilliant companion to yoga, the science and medicine of Ayurveda. We will have a short discussion about the benefits of some of Ayurveda's more accessible practices that you could implement right away, and then sample a few of the daily practices together, finishing up with a nourishing sound bath and a short guided savansana.

Ayurveda translates to the Science of Life, and as a companion to yoga and other mindfulness practices, it offers a complete container and path for living in harmony with nature by fusing mind, body, spirit and the deep connections to our circadian rhythms. We use food, herbal and natural medicine processes, meditation, cleansing rituals, and other simple practices that, if done with regularity, can change the way we inhabit these bodies and hearts.

Join us and learn about some sweet, simple new ways of coming home to yourself. All are welcome!