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Fundraiser: Help Support Our Beloved Bhaktishop Teacher, Theresia Munywoki!

Fridays at 4pm and all month long in the drop jar and online, please help us support one of our dear teachers and friends as she navigates the complexity of unemployment, mental health crisis and family illness.

Some of you already know Theresia Munywoki, one of our dear teachers here at The Bhaktishop and a Black femme. In a predominantly white work environment, Theresia went through an exhausting period of invalidation, silencing, aggressive racist behavior, and emotional shut downs while her complaints were ignored by management. During this time, her mental health was compromised and she has been unable to work, and was then abruptly fired without unemployment access. She must also now travel to Texas to care for her very ill father for an extended period.

The goal of this fundraiser is to allow Theresia the resources to pay rent, meet her bills, have travel resources, pursue healthcare resources for herself and her family while seeking employment in a safer work environment.

This fundraiser is an opportunity to not only provide direct reparations to a black femme who has lived under the violence of white supremacy her entire life, but also to aid her family directly and those in her community who also share her experiences. Theresia has the interest of other black femmes in mind and plans to share a portion of the proceeds of this fundraiser with her community at a time when they all need it most.  

Thank you in advance to all who donate, and to everyone who shares the fundraiser with others. Let’s show up for black femmes and let them know how valuable, valid, and necessary they are, regardless of what the systems in power suggest. Our pathways to liberation are intimately connected to the survival and thriving of the collective. If you have the means to share anything at all, please donate by following the instructions here:

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Theresia Munywoki Fundraiser ($10)

Theresia Munywoki Fundraiser ($20)

Theresia Munywoki Fundraiser ($50)

Theresia Munywoki Fundraiser ($100)

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