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Fall Training Series: Grace in Action: Teaching in Troubled Times with Christina Sell

Early Bird Pricing: $345 before October 30, $385 after

November 29-December 2 (Th/Fr: 12-5pm, Sat/Sun: 1-6pm)

 ALSO AVAILABLE: 2 PUBLIC ASANA CLASSES! Friday 11/30 from 12-2pm and Saturday 12/1 from 1-3pm, priced individually at $25 each

Schedule for the  4-day Intensive for Yoga Teachers

12-12:45pm Opening Circle/Discussion Thursday

12-2pm Asana practice Th/Fri (1-3pm on Sat and Sun)

4-5pm Closing Discussion (5-6pm on Sat and Sun)

This course will speak directly to teachers about how to use the realities and difficulties  of our shared world as a springboard for practice and teaching, without sermonizing, glossing-over, catastrophizing, or avoiding.  From philosophical teachings, inner inquiry, and group discussion to asana practice, prop-based exercises, and  sequencing strategies, this course will explore how to support yourself and your students  to find courage, strength, and hope in both personal practice and in the classroom. This course is not about a set of rules or protocols  but is intended to help teachers find pathways of strength  for themselves and to provide steady, ongoing support to their students in the ever-shifting landscape of modern times.  Expect a daily  asana class, group discussions, and experiential exercises with breaks throughout the day. (20 hours for Advanced Study students)

“Yoga teachers  have an opportunity to invite people into  the field where anatomical placement meets inner awareness through attention, breath, movement and stillness so that wholeness and healing can rise. It needn’t be fancy.  It  does not require a sermon from you. You don’t need to know every last thing about trikonasana, nor do you need to have all your shit sorted out in order for Grace to work through you. The power of the practice, the  invitation for Grace to move  through the group,  and the desire to serve are the tools of our trade and are not to be taken lightly or disregarded flippantly or cynically. And so,  while tonight’s class  or tomorrow’s training may not change the world, chances are good that the class  will help  you and the two-or-more-people-gathered-with-you  to glimpse a greater Possibility than despair, division and hatred.”— Christina Sell, Blog Entry, 20/02/2017

Christina Sell, known for her clarity, down-to-earth teaching style and wisdom, has been practicing yoga since 1991, teaching since 1998 and  leading teacher trainings since 2004. Masterful at synthesis and passionate about practice, her workshops and trainings help teachers and students deepen their self-understanding through work and play, theory and practice, and individual work in a group setting. She is the author of two books on yoga and spirituality. She resides in Buena Vista, CO with her husband, her dog, two cats and her aging parents. If you are looking for inspiration as well as  practical teaching  tools, please join her for this training.