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LGBTQ Inclusivity Practices for Yoga Teachers with Zeyah Roge

Friday January 4, 5:30-8pm $45 (Equity pricing available)

This workshop is created for yoga teachers who have a genuine wish to create a safer and more respectful learning environment for their LGBTQ students. Despite our best of intentions, systematic homophobia and transphobia creep into studio culture and teaching practices. It takes an ongoing, active effort to build empathy, illuminate blindspots, and repair damage caused by the unexamined perpetuation of prejudice, and this workshop assists you in this process.

Additionally, we will call into question how bodies are “sexed” and how this sets the stage for assumptions about gender roles and sexual orientation. You will have the opportunity to explore your own relationship to gender and sexuality while simultaneously holding the diversity of identities that may differ from yours. Together, we will decode and update our language to more accurately reflect the experiences of our students. All are welcome, and this workshop will be especially beneficial to those who have limited personal exposure to LGBTQ experiences and communities.  (3 elective hours for Advanced Study)