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PNTT Module 2: Teaching the Postpartum Body, A Primer for Teachers with Shana Celnicker-Chong

April 26-28, 2019 $400

15 hrs: Friday 5:30-9pm, Saturday 1-7 and Sunday 3-8pm


  1. Yoga teachers in any capacity, all of whom will have Postpartum students in their classes!

  2. Those interested in teaching specific PN/PP yoga classes and receiving PNYTT certification

  3. Postpartum yoga students that wish to learn more beyond the basics of a drop-in yoga class.

  4. PNTT graduates who want more information and practical wisdom on this subject.

  5. 300 hr Advanced study students.


Are you currently equipped to help your postpartum students return to their practice, to group yoga classes, and to themselves? After the birth of a baby, the body, energy and psyche of the person have changed significantly. At this tender time, many people feel like their body is fragmented, weak or even like it is simply falling apart. They may be eager to jump back to regular group yoga classes and when they do, can sometimes find themselves feeling even worse.  This is a workshop for all yoga teachers that wish to help their students understand how to practice safely through better alignment, deeper awareness in their yoga poses, and sound integrity in any movement practice.

Through our detailed study of anatomy and alignment we will learn about the postpartum "Core," understand some common issues that the post-birthing body can encounter such as Diastasis Recti, and learn about healing and supporting the pelvic floor.  We will also explore some simple Ayurvedic practices to aid in the body’s healing. After the weekend you will feel more confident in supporting your students as they make their way back to public group yoga classes.