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PNTT Module 1: Don't Be Afraid of the Pregnant Student, A Prenatal Yoga Primer with Shana Celnicker-Chong

March 22-24, 2019 $400

15 hrs: Friday 5:30-9pm, Saturday 1-7 and Sunday 3-8pm


  1. Yoga teachers in any capacity that have pregnant students

  2. Any teacher  interested in offering PN/PP yoga classes that wish to receive PNTT certification

  3. Pregnant students of yoga that want to learn more beyond the basics of a drop-in yoga class.

  4. 300 hr Advanced study students.


Yoga and Pregnancy go hand in hand; the physical and mental benefits of yoga are particularly helpful in pregnancy on the journey through gestation, birth and parenting, and this workshop is designed to demystify the process and remove the fear that is sometimes associated with pregnant students in public classes. In this 15-hour Prenatal Yoga primer, we endeavor to take the worry out of teaching a pregnant student and supply you with the basics to be safe, knowledgeable and helpful in your teaching. We cover the anatomy of the pregnant body, some basic "Do's and Don'ts, " the strengths and weaknesses in a pregnant body, some helpful modifications to well-known poses, basic Ayurveda practices and thoughts about pregnancy, and how yoga can prepare one for birth both physically and mentally. This module can be taken as a stand-alone or as a requirement of the larger certification program.