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Summer Solstice Restorative Practice with Danielle

Monday, June 18 7-8:30pm, Drop in or class cards welcome

As the sun arches high in the sky, a new season is upon us. With long, bright days
and clear moon nights, Summer is beautiful here in the Northwest. The summer
solstice marks the ritu or transition from the wet, cooler days of Spring into the
warm, dryer days of Summer.

Restorative Danielle.jpg

Join us for a intention-setting Summer Solstice Restorative practice, as we spend time in preparation and transition from one season to the next. This is a beautiful practice of developing increased awareness, presence and intentional living, and is a seasonal approach to wellness in Ayurvedic Philosphy. Taking a few days before and a few days after both Equinoxes and Solstices provides the opportunity to move old patterns that have gone stale from the prior season, and to shift reflection to the coming work of that season.

We'll practice a deeply restful pranayama, restorative and meditation sequence followed by soundbath ritual and intention setting. All levels welcome.