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Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training: The Physiology of Resilience with Molly Boeder-Harris

Friday, Nov. 1, 2019, 6-9pm

Sat. & Sun. Nov. 2-3, 2019, 3-7pm

$185 for the series

Given the pervasive levels of trauma within our society, many students who attend public yoga classes carry the physical, emotional and energetic residue of trauma within their shape and may be more vulnerable to being re-traumatized or feeling triggered in this context. Understanding how a student with a history of trauma might relate to you and your class can enhance your ability as a teacher to create a space where they can incrementally practice presence, listen to the language of their body, and experience the healing power of yoga

In this comprehensive training, we will investigate how teaching with a trauma-informed lens can accommodate and address the physical, mental and spiritual impacts that survivors of trauma may navigate. The instructor draws from a combination of direct experience, professional work, and academic research, enabling her to attest to both the potential vulnerabilities and the inherent resilience of this population. Participants will learn about the spectrum of traumatic events/experiences and explore a variety of perspectives on trauma theory as well as key methods to promote holistic healing through yoga. The training will be delivered in a manner that is inclusive of survivors of trauma - creating a unique space for participants to gain clarity around how their own process of healing can serve as a resource in their teaching. The format will be experiential in nature, involving practice teaching and participation in multiple trauma-informed yoga classes.

Whether you seek to offer classes specifically for survivors of trauma or you simply desire additional tools to make appropriate modifications within your public classes, this training will provide you with options, information and confidence in how to create a more trauma-informed space.

Topics include: Understanding the Spectrum of Trauma, PTSD + Toxic/Chronic Stress, Short, Mid + Long-term Impacts of Trauma, Trauma Resilience Theory, Exploring Healing + Resilience through the Lens of Somatic Experiencing + Body-Inclusive Practices, Symptoms + Mapping Healing, Nonlinear Healing Across the Lifespan, Trauma-Informed Teaching Techniques, Trigger + Flashback Protocol Self-Care + Mentorship, The Parallel Practices of Yoga and Healing, Collaborating with the Intelligence of Body, Mind and Soul.

Presenter: Molly Boeder Harris is the Founder and Executive Director of The Breathe Network and a certified yoga instructor formally trained through YogaWorks. She has spent the last four years studying asana, pranayama, meditation and theory under the guidance of instructor Kristin Laak, whose expansive teachings have informed the way she connects the practice of yoga with trauma resilience, while revolutionizing her own healing. After a decade of direct advocacy work with trauma survivors, Molly completed her 3-year certificate training in Somatic Experiencing (SE) - a body-oriented therapeutic approach to healing trauma. She strives to synthesize the complementary benefits of both yoga and Somatic Experiencing in her teaching and training.

(Advanced Study students: 11 elective hours)