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Untuck What’s Stuck: Franklin Method For Yoga - An In-depth Look at The Pelvis w/ Eric Franklin and Alison Wesley


Friday, May 17th 5:30-8:30pm, Saturday and Sunday May 18 and 19th 1:00-8:00pm
$395 early bird (Before April 16) - $425 after

Join Ali Wesley, Senior Franklin Method Teacher and Eric Franklin himself for this training!


Are you a yoga teacher who struggles with finding the right cues to reach every student in your classes? Are you challenged by helping particular students with hip/back pain or sacroiliac issues? Are you wanting clarification of the pelvic anatomy for your own practice and/or your students' practice? Are you in search of new ways to understand, explain and explore asana? Are you looking to be inspired and to feel a renewal for your yoga teaching/practice?


In this three day training, you will learn:
Functional pelvic anatomy and how to embody this knowledge in asana, the best imagery techniques (DNI) to improve your and your students’ yoga practice, and discover more creative ways to cue:

1. Based on experiential anatomy
2. Without rigid rules of alignment, but by understanding the functions and movements and possibilities of the pelvic bones and muscles
3. By learning more than just what to avoid when it comes to your students who have sacroiliac/sacral instability or injury
4. By empowering your students

Receive skills to use within any style of yoga and re-invigorate your teaching, learn ways to help your students (and yourself) break tension patterns, understand how to experience strength without tension and achieve dynamic flexibility in the hips.
These tools will include how, within a yoga class, to use ball rolling, work with therabands, self-massage, and more.

Each participant to complete this weekend training will receive a certification and 15 Yoga Alliance CEU’s, and/or 15 hours of Advanced Study Credit in Anatomy and Asana