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Yoga: The Art and Heart of Listening Retreat at Breitenbush with Lisa Mae and Monicka

Friday, March 29- Sunday March 31, 2019 ALL LEVELS!

Join Lisa Mae and Monicka on an experimental journey into the self in this Springtime yoga retreat meant to bring you deeper into your heart and inner life through the delicate arts of listening, attention and exploration. Using the skills of yoga asana, chanting from the heart, functional movement, somatic practices and meditation, we will explore, renew and reset for the Spring! This retreat is open to all levels of experience, as we encourage seekers of all stripes to join us on the path. Reset your nervous system, engage in some deep, reflective self-care, and tune your listening skills in the most tender ways with us, in our 12th year of teaching with joy at Breitenbush!

Lisa Mae Osborn and Monicka Koneski share a love for the path of bhakti yoga as well as the skill of movement theory and functional, sustainable practices of yoga. Compassion, eagle-eyes and depth of experience are our hallmarks, and we welcome you just as you are to the practice of yoga.

Regsitration with Breitenbush directly at 503.854.3320